Digital Universe


Is it possible that Stephen Wolfram could by sitting at his desk and using his computer, reconstruct the universe and everything that scientists have learnt by experimentation and formulation over three centuries. Is the universe really one big computer. Are we really living in some form of the “The Matrix”. Sounds crazy but I will nevertheless set off to explore this ontological perspective that is brand new to me. I have just bought this controversial book.

Below is a video of his introduction of this still  questionable yet interesting way to look at the fabric of the universe.

I would be very excited if this new direction (intellectual structure) were to prove to be a valid paradigm shift since the implication that follow would propel humanity far beyond the horizon of its own current imagination. I enthusiastically and to my likely folly allow myself to rush to the conclusion that amongst the implications would be the manufacture of new scientific knowledge through simple programmatic simulations of the universe.


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